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February 7, 2019

We here at TNTF podcast and Hisame from the NOAH Archives are working hard to bring to you a joint collaboration segment known as...

Puroresu Nihongo

Where you can download free 15-20 minute Japanese lessons each with a fun pro-wrestling theme straight from our podcast channels! 

With Japanese pro wrestling becoming ever more popular it is important for fans not to just understand some useful Japanese phrases and words, but also specific manners when meeting wrestlers and going to shows in Japan.


Below are links to the notes for each of our episodes. You can access and download them at anytime if you need a review from our past podcast episodes. 

Have fun learning Japanese!

Level 1 Lesson 1: Introducing yourself and manners at pro wrestling shows 

Level 1 Lesson 2: What is this, that, and over there?

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